2199Full course

6 people Full course 2199元(May redeem 3 ticket)
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  • name:
    1.Tilapia sashimi
  • 2.Fry fish with orange sauce
  • 3.Deep fry fish scale
  • 4.Kung Pao fry fish
  • 5.Tilapia chin stewed in soy sauce and sugar
  • 6.Hong Kong-style steamed fish
  • 7.Today Xian Yutang
  • 8.With rice
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Tilapia sashimi
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Fry fish with orange sauce
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Deep fry fish scale
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Kung Pao fry fish
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Tilapia chin stewed in soy sauce and sugar
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Hong Kong-style steamed fish
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Today Xian Yutang