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Things facility is located Yunlin County Kouhu Lun Village, is committed to a good product to the consumers, and the re-use of by-products of fish, bring more value to the product itself, it will also be open to the consumer to visit the factory, so that consumers can buy more at ease.

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The guests visited the factory open, understand commodity production process, but also to let you know our stringent requirements for quality. To visit the factory of a friend, please complete the online registration form and send to facilitate commissioner with you check the details.

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We have a number of high-quality goods for your online choice for gifts to make your convenience, there are also well-designed gift packaging, allowing you to own gifts tilapia Oh!

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Are you ready to get into the Tilapia park to find out yet ?

Taiwan a fresh sea bream, how after washing, screening, cutting, packaging, and other automated procedures, the carefully selected goods produced through, come check it out!

Pak Technology SquareMORE

No.2, Gonghe St., Beigang Township, Yunlin County 651, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Northport urn wall is located, but also address the tax bureau old quarters, in this beautiful place often is away, now it's the new name for the "Pak Technology Square", the future will Pak urn wall and coexistence.

Lee Wan ranking spiritual enlightenment MuseumMORE

Mr. Li Wanju, number 孟南, Yunlin County village north Kouhu Wu, born July 22, 1901, when young poor family, his father died young, laid its foundation by self-taught Chinese culture and hard study, relatives and villagers in 1924 under funding went to Shanghai to study, then go to study in France in

Pak templesMORE

Pak temples dense sound of cigarettes are believers pray, crowds flock is the word of Mazu woman three hundred years of mercy protecting, especially annual Lunar New Year on March 19 from around the border activities, so all the people "mad Matsu." The intrauterine brick by brick, Zhu carving, wood