Profile of Yifeng Wang

The General Manager, Mr. Wang Yi-Feng graduated from university in 2006.  Immediately after his graduation, he retuned to his home village and devoted himself to increase the value-added products offers and increase the profitability of his product to enhance competitiveness by extracting the high concentration level of the collagen from “Taiwan Tilapia scale” and uses it as the base of the health and beauty supplements. 
By being the pioneer in Taiwan to successfully extracting collagen from fish scales, he was the youngest to be recognized in the 2009 National Top 10 Shennong Agriculture Awards, and was even more successful to introduce his collagen into the Japanese Market.
Last but not least, in 2010 Mr. Wang developed the “Tilapia tail Fin” which made from Taiwan Tilapia.  This not only decreases the hunting of Taiwan Tilapia but also fully unitizes the Taiwan Tilapia and achieves the goal of being environmental friendly.
A-Feng was born in Yunlin from a fish breeding family, but seeing his hometown friends working hard under the fierce sun and the ordeal of northeast strong winds during winter in Binhai to breed world’s top standard garlic ball; a garlic with full cloves rich in garlic essence and higher nutritional values.  However, A-Fen realized that only cultivating garlic diligently was not enough to obtain a better income; then the fate made A-Fen get acquainte4d with the CEO of EMUKO, A Japanese Black Garlic Manufacturer.  And with their advanced technical collaboration, they developed a series of special garlic products using the local garlic ball, mixing high degree fermentation and deep ripening method.  He hopes to create a win-win situation for garlic agriculture’s income and consumers health benefits.